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Hallo Helper Web2.5 Project

To spark Blockchain technology mass adoption via Web3 merge of Hallo Helper platform’s global app Web2 ecosystem & database network. Introduction of the Hallo utility token.
Info: Hallo Helper's app products are built to be scalable to any community, globally. Learn more about the apps on our website


Launched January 2021 in the midst of pandemic lockdown, Hallo Helper provides a peer-to-peer social platform for people to get on-demand services and on-demand work.
Achieved via a dual-app closed system. Making it easy for consumer and worker-type users to connect directly and complete transactions in an on-demand basis.
Available for all local communities, globally.
– From Hallo Helper Resource Page
We've put together some key guides for you to get to know our platform's Web3 (blockchain) integration quickly and easily.